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Smi2 - This Was raocow


by raocow

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its ironic because we did click on the link to hear him laugh
By SamTheFox 5 years ago
I was brought here to hear the endless laughter, but now I'm curious. How many times has Raocow said he's quitting Let's Plays? At least 2
By Emperor_Z 6 years ago
You're not ending LP's altogether are you :( I've watched everyone of your videos on here (most of them in one day) and most are even on my favorites list...hope this isn't the total end of Raocow but if it is I had a great time watching your wonderful videos and I'll continue checking in everyday just in case there's something new by you :)
By Kristina Rudisill 8 years ago
Hey there raocow,

have been watching your videos since SCW, just want to say thanks for the entertainment during breakfast every day. Also, greetings from the Netherlands! I remember you saying Rob-Omb's Quest taking place here, unfortunately he never crossed my town I guess. Or he just didn't say hello, damn stupid bomb.
By Pleister 8 years ago
I think after seven months straight (save the small break) of playing these games, you should...finish Luigi's Adventure for those other two that quit. No, seriously, good job going through all of these games.
By m0f0rl1f3 8 years ago
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