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    I'm a No-planer (WeAreChange Stoney Jonesling Mix)

    Nico Haupt

    by Nico Haupt

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    I'm a No-planer (WeAreChange Stoney Jonesling Mix)
    feat. sneak preview of '9/11 tv fu*kery' ep.3:
    "nicointelpro banned by luke's GZ- cops"

    see also,
    "Haupt removed by WeAreChange-Luke GroundZero Cops"

    -9/11 blackshirts repress U.S.-German freedom of speech
    Luke Rudkowski continues to support international
    planehugger parliament mainstream versions (Japan, Denmark, Italy etc..)
    We Are Change are controlled and sponsored
    by Scientology Supporter and anti-mexican racist Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.

    On 01/19, at Ground Zero in NYC, Rudkowski called Cops on Video Producer Nico Haupt,
    allegedly regarding sexual harrassment against one of his WeAreChange Members
    on 01/05.
    The last time Haupt was removed at Ground Zero was during 2003,
    when protesting on scientific 9/11 false flag evidence, as co-founder of,
    by a SWAT Team and Port Authority Cops.

    In early 2008, Haupt started to produce a new Satire TV Comedy Show, "9/11 TV Fu*kery",
    which deals with oppressed 9/11 TV Fakery Activism, sexual secrecy- and cult manipulations.
    The debut episode was banned at a porn portal (,
    while PGR 13 versions survived so far.
    Episode 3 will be broadcasted on 01/22.

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