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Angry Birds Go - VERSUS STELLA - Challenge

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New Angry Birds Go! Funny Playlist - \r
Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing game based on the original game. It is the first 3D Angry Birds game but this the fourth game you can play as pigs, the third being Angry Birds Star Wars II, the second being Bad Piggies and the first being Angry Birds(If you get the golden pig, you can launch pigs and hit egg.). The game will involve downhill racing, with upgradable vehicles and character-specific powers. The game is also going to use the Telepods like Angry Birds Star Wars II, as in karts that can be teleported into the game. This will be the seventh installment of Angry Birds, and it will be released on December 11, 2013 worldwide and November 26, 2013 in New Zealand. A countdown app is slated to debut on October 31st to see it go to Angry Birds GO! countdown app. The story starts when the pigs are ready to race on the Piggy Island and the birds are looking down at the pigs. The Chronicler Pig is making the prizes. If who goes third will wins the shoes, goes second wins the apple and goes first will wins a big cake! The birds look at that big cake and want to eat it. So they jump down and join the race with the pigs.\r
Red with his Super Roaster\r
Stella with her Soda Pop Sedan\r
Bomb with his Big Bang\r
The Blues with their Tri-Toaster\r
King Pig with his Royal Rumbler\r
Terence with his Beep Beep\r
Bubbles with his Rapid Rider\r
Matilda with her Tub-Copter\r
Foreman Pig with his Crimson Baron\r
Hal with his Shoemerang\r
Corporal Pig with his Dragster Snout\r
Chuck with his Mega Rocket\r
Minion Pigs with every karts\r
Mechanic Pig to cart reviel (consert)\r
Chronicler Pig judge to race\r
For each of the characters they all a power.\r
Red: speeding up\r
Stella: blows bubbles backward (CPU), fly up with bubbles (Player)\r
Bomb: Leaving bombs behind (CPU), explode himself (Player)\r
The Blues: leaves a stone block, a wooden block and an ice block backward (CPU), speeding up for a short time (Player)\r
King Pig: flies to the sky by his balloons and leaves the Minion Pigs balloons behind (CPU), flies to the sky by his balloons only (Player)\r
Terence: leaves big rocks behind (CPU), makes storms at two sides of his kart (Player)\r
Bubbles: expands to huge size and leaves a TNT or a box of coins or boost with a balloon behind (CFU), expands to huge size about five seconds and roll down (Player)\r
Matilda: leaves a bomb egg behind (CPU), leaves a bomb egg in front of her (Player)\r
Foreman Pig: flies by his propeller with two explosions by his TMTs (CPU), leaves a TMT in front of him (Player)\r
Hal: creates a tornado (CPU) creates a tornado (Player)\r
Corporal Pig: make two of his helmets go around him to protect him, leaves TNTs behind (CPU), make only one of his helmet goes around him to protect him only (Player)\r
Chuck: mega faster by his rocket on his kart (CPU), mega faster by his rocket on his kart (Player)\r
This game uses Hal in his new design from the Coca-Cola Trailer.\r
Matilda, King Pig, Foreman Pig, and Corporal Pig are in their Toons appearances as well.\r
The game includes power ups similar to Mario Kart.\r
Many of the birds have the ability to use their powers, similar to the games.\r
This is the first Angry Birds game to be played in a 3D perspective and also is the first to feature CGI.\r
This game will be the second free full game, the first one was Rio and Rio is now free for all time!\r
The game was released early in New Zealand.\r
The game gives you the option to steer by tilting or touching.\r
Just like the original game, you can use sponsored power-ups in this game.\r
You can play Jengas Pirate Pig Attack mode in this game by touching the Jenga button below the selection screen. To play it, you must enter the code which is in the Pirate Pig Attack toy or you must buy it.\r
When the player plays all the times in a mode, the challenges will be available in that mode.\r
In Fruit Splat mode, when the player splat all the fruits on the bar, the fruits on the road change into coins.\r
This is the only game besides Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons to have all the birds in it.\r
Bombs real kart is Big Bang but in Seedway Cutscene 5, he goes by Big Boomer. However, all those two karts is all Bombs.\r
Each kart has been upgraded, the name of the kart will be upgrade too.

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Angry Birds Go - VERSUS STELLA - Challenge
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