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    Goodie Mob - Dirty South


    par PeteRock

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    Rich Mundo
    Okay, POW, who looking thru my eyes, they see the end of they life, Trust Me Fellows, yall Down Low, okay dont try to come up on my women, cause We love our women, But dont try to emulate our Soul Food, cause Mamma made that, I got some real live dudes is Colli Park, Oh thats College Park, Too Close for yall to get bout it, Yall boy gooking, its too late to apologize.....Shhhhh let my sister sing one time, and I aint never seen her cry, So wonder why when she cry I say bitch you a lie, but never mind theless, we dont take test, We drink beer, dress like A town vets and still conduct business, Who the Best, aint no W or E in ATLANTA, so get ya campers off my red clay, for we get quick sand, and make yall sink like Racist who wanna shake Obama Hand, Knaaw didn't thank them GEORGIA boys could do it ha???? Lets open the market up, They treating me like I aint been in G A my whole life, Thats why they "Fearless Leader" don't like BANKHEAD, I See Ya I
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    I met Gov. Perdue and he said you don't talk like you from the south, he said it sound like you from a big city, like Detroit or something, I didn't know if he was trying to get my motor running or what, But I don't get gassed up, So I voted and kept planning on coming up, Matter of fact, I felt like a Yankee Soldier in jail captured by the confederates with recently freed slaves spitting in my face, My Glory is gone, and I aint Denzel, Who had the first Ghetto and who got the Projects, Mafia or Family you choose, You think, Yall on Brinks, Mine Like Bricks, unlock the block cant be broken down, each like a building block, from under to above ground, Its Sweet Like a "Kosher" Lemon, No Comment Like Alphonse, Through the eyes of a noble man, not a kingpin, because principalities must be acquired like Buddha, or people see through you.
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Excellent rap, simple comme j'aime..
    Par TophaIl y a 8 ans
    goodie mob c de l'or enfin du vrai son
    Par mat013Il y a 8 ans
    la bonne epoque et la bonne ecole
    Par samyIl y a 8 ans
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