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    Silent Hill 5... Jacob's Ladder

    Christel Morvan

    par Christel Morvan

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    No... this is not the preview of the next silent hill, but a video about the Silent Hill's mother : Jacob's Ladder.

    Jacob's Ladder is a 1990 psychological horror film directed by Adrian Lyne.
    It's really the origin of Silent Hill, one of the main inspiration of the silent team, maybe the most important.
    Moreover, the Team made a tribute to the movie in Silent Hill 3, by naming Heather's station "Bergen Street".

    The story is based on the character Jacob Singer who was a soldier during the Vietnam war.
    I did not show all the aspects of the film, which is also psychological, a reflection on the paradise, the hell, life and death.
    I especially wanted to insist on the common points between Jacob Ladder and Silent Hill.

    The film is classified in the list of the most terrible 10 films of every time by numerous Web sites, it also appears in the list the best thrillers of every time.

    This movie is closer to silent hill than Christopher Gans own film!
    So, I advice you to watch it!

    - Directed by Adrian Lyne
    - Produced by Alan Marshall
    - Bruce Joel Rubin
    - Written by Bruce Joel Rubin

    - Tim Robbins
    - Elizabeth Pena
    - Danny Aiello
    - Jason Alexander
    - Ving Rhames

    EDIT :
    The music is from John Anthony Mathewson, album : Broken note, a tribute to the sound of Silent Hill, and to the art of Akira Yamaoka.