In the heat of the night 1988 intro


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Paul Burgos
Notes to point out here.

1.) Lois Nettleton would only appear in the first season of the show. I believe that Anne-Marie Johnson who also starred in What's Happening Now! from 1985-1988 was on throughout the NBC run from 1988-1992 before she was replaced by Denise Nichols and Howard Rollins would also be replaced when the show moved to CBS.

2.) Alan Autry would later be the mayor of Fresno, CA in which he will be replaced by a new mayor come next spring 2009.

3.) There would be different openings of the theme after Lois Nettleton left in 1989. The theme would be the same, but when it moved to CBS in 1992, a synthesized theme would be in use.

4.) Pappas TV still carries this show on weekdays 1 PM on KMPH-TV in Fresno, CA, WSWS-TV in Savannah, GA, KHGI in Hastings, NE and in Des Moines on KPWB.
By Paul Burgos7 years ago