Donna's November 1, 2006 Arrest Part 1

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This is part one of a 3 part video which shows the the November 1, 2006 incident which led to the arrest of Donna Holman at Planned Parenthood in Iowa City, Iowa on bogus charges of Disorderly Conduct and Harassment. The video begins the week prior with Randy Crawford receiving a citation which was later dismissed.


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By flohmanfuxo 5 years ago
I appreciate your courage, and commitment to the just cause of saving the most innocent and defenseless among us. I am part of a protest movement in Denver to stop the building of a Planned Parenthood baby killing facility. We need more people like you.
By runstowin 7 years ago
Later, I was falsely accused of "disorderly conduct." To satisfy the Code of Iowa, disorderly conduct has to happen at a residence or public building. Planned Parenthood is obviously neither, as verified by the prior bogus citation for "trespassing." The crooked magistrate knew darn well the place was private and not public, but falsely convicted me anyway. Iowa City is so crooked as to police, judges, prosecutors, etc. etc. because the town was taken over by lesbians and queers decades ago. They paved the way for abortion mills, where it costs them $10 to kill a baby, but they charge about $400 per abortionmurder. The profit lets them buy off all the crooked politicians, judges, police, etc. they want, as well as local pro-homo newspapers.
By randycrawford 7 years ago
(they never did show), so as of 9:01am I was free to walk. But no, they made me wait in line for about half an hour to keep me busy before the magistrate finally dismissed charges and let me go. I finally got back to Planned Parenthood just in time to see Donna being arrested by police (one of whom had falsely accused me of "trespassing" the prior week). The goal of this rigamorole of judicial kidnapping was to hold me away from the scene so I couldn't testify in court later than Donna had done nothing wrong. In this, it was a criminal racket by police and magistrates to deprive Donna of a witness and a fair trial.
By randycrawford 7 years ago
My original false arrest was for "trespassing" onto Planned Parenthood's private property, which never happened. The true ulterior motive was as follows: I went to the courthouse to plead innocent re trespassing, but I couldn't file a plea because the case had no case number. The case had no case number because the police never filed charges. Therefore, I was forced to appear a week later at an arraignment. Since I couldn't file a paper plea, I had to appear in person to orally state a plea. The only days of the week the police gave me were Wednesdays. (I learned later this was another lie, as arraingments and giving oral pleas can be done Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, AND Fridays.) By withholding police paperwork and forcing me to be in court the next Wednesday (or another Wed.) this meant that I was forced to be away from Planned Parenthood when Donna was being set up and falsely accused the next week. As of 9:01am the day of my forced arraignment, the police hadn't shown up to accuse me (t
By randycrawford 7 years ago