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    Les Irresistibles - My year is a day

    Peter Peter95

    par Peter Peter95

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    Jean Goudmand
    I was a teen in the sixty. This songs has remained in my head ever since. Yes, these guys were French. Their only hit. Composed by William Sheller, great French.
    But they were French. And in the US, anything French is immediately thrown out and dismissed as no good...
    Music of my death !!! I love this song... Merci ♥
    One of the great songs I've never heard, and I'm a bit of a 60's buff. This song has been in my head for 2 days now almost constantly, I'm going to have a whack at doing it with my band, please share any info on these guys, they should have been big here in the US! Cool production, especially the girl backing vox.
    Composed by William Sheller. Wonderful song !
    I sang this song during my teen ager, everyone stood up and gave me a standing ovation.
    Great times great songs.
    Thank you so much.
    Par Jean GoudmandIl y a 6 ans
    oui tres vieux souvenirs de mes 20 ans maiq quel régal a coté de maintenant
    Par gounantIl y a 6 ans
    Merci pour cette si belle chanson qui me rappelle mes 20 ans,et de tres bons souvenirs!
    Par LARACROFT92Il y a 7 ans
    Par SUZANITEIl y a 8 ans