The Visionary Leader with Foreword by (Michael Gerber)!

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Announcing the soon to be released hard cover version of The Visionary Leader: How to Inspire Success From The Top Down with the foreword by (Michael Gerber) and a special Introduction by (Bob Proctor).

This book is written for the seasoned CEO as well as the new emerging leader and shows them how to lead in this new economy. We are living in a changing world and what was working even 5 years ago isn't valid today. The Visionary Leader is filled with practical guidance

Success in every area of business and personal life is all about the mindset. The economy is all about mindset. You know at the same time that someone is complaining about how bad business is, someone else in the same industry and the same marketplace is experiencing their greatest growth. In my coaching and consulting programs, instead of teaching people what to do, I show them how to take the lid off their thinking and go after what they really can do! The difference in those 2 things is astounding and it all gets down to internal thoughts, beliefs and philosophy or in other words, the mindset. If you want your company to perform at optimum levels, and I know you do, then it is important to change the thinking of the people, starting at the top. It is critical to work from a higher level, not a lower. Whatever is happening in the business is a reflection of what is happening in the mind of the top person. Mindset comes first... behaviors and results follow. Because the natural laws of universe dictate that we are either growing or disintegrating, it follows that the business is either increasing or shrinking. Change the mindset and be prepared for quantum leaps in performance.

(Michael Gerber) is being awarded the Congressional Order of Merit for his business leadership! It is an honor to have (Michael Gerber) write the foreword to The Visionary Leader.

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