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    Japan's fat cat Papi-chan


    by Lalarine

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    Rough Trans:
    "Oh good afternoon", Wow how big!! It's the rumored fat cat PAPI CHAN!

    first they put him beside a tissue case so you'll see his size and roundness, then on the owner's lap, he must be heavy! We wonder what is the weight, it turns out he is as heavy as a 2 year old! Then measure the waist, it's too much! Papi chan is a Norweigan Forest Cat. Papi's kitten picture show he is the same as the figurine.. Now is too big! When the ear becomes itchy, he tries his best to scratch, but really cant no matter how hard he try. a normal cat can scratch easily like this.. Normal cats hate shower, but Papi chan sit still. Papi chan wont ever move, even when there is a "neko jarashii"(a cat toy) he will only look at it.. He will really not move! if he will stay like this, it is worrysome.. DIET STRATEGY! First is the Pet running machine, this way it can be done easily, let's try it! It looks not like running machine, but now a pet conveyer! Wow! He Moved! Oh.. He runs away.. Billy's Boot Camp! Papi chan's reaction.. wow, he's watching, he's watching! Then, his neck begin to move.. Good job! Then with just moving the neck.. he falls asleep.. Then the last chance! we wonder how it's used.. inserting the 4 feet, and secure around the body Owner: "Stand up a little Pappi, ok let's go" truly, Papi chan hate to move. Papi chan is too big he will not fit! even though, he will force to go in. Today was tiring.. Otside the window is bubbles! Little by little Papi chan is moving even up the stairs now. Papi chan's diet is just starting!

    Trans. Not entirely exact, but enough to fit with the meanings and for you to understand.^-^