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    Wilhelm Tell - Dutch Swing College

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Wilhelm Tell Ouverture – Dutch Swing College ± 1976

    You would not expect Rossini’s Wilhelm Tell Ouverure being played by a jazz band unless you are a Dutchman. Our famous Dutch Swing College Band recorded this in the mid seventies and locally it had been a bestseller in those days. What a surprise to find it on a video probably from around 1976 during a Dutch TV show called Hit Boulevard.
    I’m always completely surprised by the unbelievably creative solos by Peter Schilperoort and trombonist Dickie Kaart over chord progressions of a tune that is certainly not going along the regular patterns. Another surprise is to see Dickie’s younger brother Ray Kaart sitting in for the band’s regular trumpeter.
    Ray, usually a bit on the modern side for leader Peter does a marvelous substitute job. Other members are Jaap van Kempen banjo, Henk Bosch van Drakestein bass and probably Europe’s best drummer Huub Janssen