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    Kirk Franklin - Declaration (This Is It)



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    This is it, All praises and glory to the ONE.
    Par fetf54Il y a 8 ans

    "Declaration (This Is It)"

    Check it out, ya'll
    (There've been times in my life)
    I'm tired and I wanna give up
    (I've been wondering why)
    Why is the world gettin' so crazy?
    (Still, somehow I believe)
    I've come too far to die now
    (I always survive)
    If you're a survivor, get up!
    Let's get it!

    [Verse 1]
    Gonna cry now, go ahead and get it out of my system
    Know I'm hurt now, but soon I gotta get back to livin'
    Can't be here next year, givin' you these same tears
    Hope you enjoyed it, 'cause it's the last time you'll take a piece of me

    It start right now, I don't know how I'm gonna get thru it
    I'm broke right now, I pray somehow 'cause I can't do it
    Can't keep livin' like this, there's gotta be more than this
    Jesus, I'm ready, I'm ready for what you have for me
    Par CREATION GOSPELIl y a 8 ans
    (Are you gonna wait for a sign?)
    Are you ready for your miracle
    God's people it's time to (stand up and fight)
    Let's get it, let's get it
    This is it!!
    You can't mess with my mind anymore
    This is it!
    I'm smarter, see I've been here before
    This is it!
    It's a new day, I'm not afraid anymore
    This is it!
    Yes, I believe, if you believe, help me say
    This is it!

    I'm a child of the King baby, look at somebody and tell 'em
    This is it!
    Par CREATION GOSPELIl y a 8 ans

    [Verse 2]
    I look back now, I look at how you tried to break me
    To take my life, my peace of mind and drive me crazy
    My self esteem, my dreams, my destiny
    So, God allowed it, because He knew He had big plans for me (Hallelujah!)

    It's your grace, I know today it's how I made it (Thank You, Jesus)
    When I thought that it was over (Lord, have mercy)


    Everybody that's been holdin' you down, look at 'em and tell 'em
    This is it!
    I feel my help coming on right now, ya'll

    You think that maybe it's over (You're life ain't over)
    Not unless you want it to be
    Par CREATION GOSPELIl y a 8 ans
    (Are you gonna wait for a sign?) your miracle
    (stand up and fight)

    This is it ya'll, this is it ya'll
    You've been waitin' and debating , here it is, ya'll
    All your stuff from your past, shake it off ya'll
    Though they said you wouldn't last, who you is ya'll?
    Want your dreams back? Let's get it!
    Your peace of mind back? Let's get it!
    Want your family back? Let's get it!
    Are you ready? Let's get it! (This is it!)
    I speak against everything that comes to destroy the purpose in your life
    This is it!
    Worrying about your finances, your future, when you can't even sleep at night
    This is it!
    I speak against depression and fear, every attack from the enemy
    This is it!
    This is your day, the Lord made it baby! God has set you free!
    This is it!
    Par CREATION GOSPELIl y a 8 ans
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