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You seem to like [raikkonen].
And me too.
When he became a champion in 2007 years, I was very impressed.
After that day, they suffers.
However, I believe that the day when [raikkonen] and [massa] are jump up again...and[Alonso]&[Piquet] too.

The photograph of your profile is very wonderful.

See you graet mate ;D
Par GP4special il y a 5 ans
Hello Max.
This is GP4Special.

You had evaluated my Video before.
Thank you verymuch Max.

I had not understood all of this blog before.
I did not know the writing of the comment.

I wish to express my gratitude to you now.

I was very too late.
I'm sorry really.
I did not come here for a long time.
I began to make Video again recently.

This noticed the blog as for me recently.
However, I do not yet understand the writing of the blog.
I can use only the Upload Video.
I couldn't use also Message...
Sorry for I written here.
My retrieval is also unskilled.
I was not found your blog page.

But I saw your Video.
There is very power.
It is done to the inside that it frightens it very much and there is transmitted Video, too.
That's great.

I sometimes come to see your Video.
Thank you.

Par GP4special il y a 5 ans
It is Beautoful & Fantastic.
I like your Fantasic Video.

And, it is a little scary.
This fear is one of the important elements that feel the world of the fantasy.
Also in other videos of you, the same element is.
It is indeed wonderful.
I got excited !!

Thank you mate :D

Par GP4special il y a 5 ans