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    DadLabs Does DC, Interviews Preemie Doc


    by DadLabs

    DadLabs Ep. 250 The Lounge - The DadLabs guys manage to penetrate the security perimeter at the Swedish embassy in Washington, DC and force noted neonatologist Av Fanaroff, MD, FAAP, to grant an interview. They threatened him with lutefisk. Nonetheless, the good doctor offers advice and wisdom on bonding with your newborn. This episode brought to you by BabyBjorn.

    Dr. Fanaroff has answers to the following parenting questions:
    * What are the benefits of early physical contact between babies and parents?
    * How do you get a hesitant Dad to hold their baby?
    * Can you spoil your baby by holding him or her too much?
    * Why does Clay's wife want him to move into a cave?