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    Snot Ninjas - How to Fight Your Kid's Cold


    by DadLabs

    DadLabs Ep. 248 The Lab - The battle against snot rages across a nation ravaged by cold and flu season. Into this mucoid landscape step two shining, antihistamine heroes. Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay pull back the tissue and reveal the truth about caring for your bugger-nosed babe all brought to you by our friends at BabyBjorn. The truth about cough and cold medicines for kids may surprise you. You may think this video is funny, but it's snot. If your child has a fever, persistent cough, sore throat, etc take them to the doctor. But for kids under 6 years of age with symptoms of the common cold, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, store bought cold medications and cough syrups are ineffective. Best defense it to wash your hands and remember to scrub for at least 20 seconds. And for those of you with kids in day care, please don't dose and dump.