Cheick KongoVs Gilbert Yvel - 2004 MMA Fight

Cheick Kongo

by Cheick Kongo

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holy crap that was some amazing editing ... anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ..!
By Mary_Gentry 4 years ago
C un très beau combat
By OLIVIER BESSON 7 years ago
These commentators are so freakin ignorant. It's MMA, there's ground game. Kongo took Yvel down, which means he wanted it on the ground and Yvel was going for submissions, not holding on to stall or trying to get back to his feet. Lot of BS standups and the stupid commentators are encouraging it. It's times like these that I appreciate the commentary of Bas Rutten and Joe Rogan, who really understand all aspects of MMA.
By yehsome 7 years ago
Tout à fait d'accord avec Lepossyk
By Jean Bruce 7 years ago
si il avait eu 1 meilleur condition physique je pense qu'il aurait emporté parske là il était pas au top ya ka voir la 8:00 min du combat il dort carrement sur yvel (mdr) la suite est logique mais on ne peut pas comparer ce mec avec le Cheik Kongo d'aujourd'hui
By lepossyk 7 years ago
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