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Formed in the Bronx, New York, USA, the Ebb Tides (as they were originally called) featured classmates Antonio "Nino" Aiello (lead), Tony Delesio (baritone), Vinnie Drago (bass) and Rudy (tenor). Their recording debut, "Franny Franny", came after meeting talent scout Murray Jacobs in 1957. By the end of the year they had extended their title to Nino And The Ebb Tides and transferred to Recorte Records.

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Je ne m'en lasse pas...mon pote !
Par Frédéric BÂ il y a 6 ans
Super,mon fils Nino l'a aussi beaucoup apprecié!
Par Ducrost il y a 7 ans
TROP TROP BON !!!!!!!!!
Merci Merci Merci
Par Frédéric BÂ il y a 7 ans
Par audreywop il y a 7 ans