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    The Color of Friendship Part II

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    The guys at Asian Under Ground Studios get tired of Kenny's bad acting and decide to do something about it in high, action-packed, RPG knife fighting, fist throwing, comedy twisted, gun fighting, measures. Thats right. While the Asian Under Ground have kidnapped Kenny to persuade him to quit, the Ninja Pirate Crew plot to stop the Asian Under Ground from stealing what they think is rightfully theirs. Kenny's only hope of getting out alive is Detective Jones. Will Kenny's only hope be able to help him? Or will his hope be caught in between the cross-fires of the two rival gangs? You will have to look and see...

    As soon as the torture fest is almost over, Ninja Pirate decides to pay a visit...

    Well folks, those of you have been waiting for this video for about four months will finally get to see it. It has been in two months of pre-production, three days of filming, many hours of editing, and two months of post-production. There are THREE parts to this video. All together the three parts make up and estimated twenty-five minutes. This is PART TWO. It is an estimated Five and a half minutes long.

    Caution: This video is a comedy. Although there a some suggestive themes. The violence, guns, blood, killing, etc. is 100% fake. We are just a bunch of kids having fun with orange tipped guns trying to recreate hollywood action movies(Poorly).

    The Editing was done by iMovie.
    The Special Effects were handled with EffectsLab Pro

    Sufferagette City by David Bowie
    Clint Eastwood by The Gorillaz