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    Wesley Tuttle's Western Music career began as a teenager at age 15 when he sang on the Stuart Hamblin radio show in Los Angeles. During his teenage years, Wes sang with the Beverly Hillbillies, Jimmie Lever and his Saddle Pals, and even had a short stint with the Sons of the Pioneers.
    Wes married Marilyn in 1947 and they began touring together and recording hits as a duet! Eventually, being the new parents of twins and tired of traveling, they settled into their home in the San Fernando Valley and Wes started his radio show, "Tuttle Time," which broadcast from his home. The show ran until TV took over. Wes then began working on television shows full time. One such show ran live, three hours a day, five days a week Monday through Friday, plus two hours on Sunday. The rule was that no song could be repeated within a 30 day period!