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    Art class teaches more than drawing

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    More than two-dozen budding artists let their creative juices flow Thursday in an art program sponsored by the Noblesville Parks Department. However, the Young Rembrandts arts enrichment program teaches kids more than just how to draw a pretty picture.
    “Drawing not only builds art skills, but it also builds academic skills and self confidence,” says Sara Leatherman, owner of Central Indiana’s first Young Rembrandts franchise.
    The program takes students through a process whereby simple shapes and lines are combined to form a complete picture. Leatherman says children soon learn to apply the same step-by-step process to other other challenges and begin to build problem solving skills they can use as they grow.
    The Young Rembrandts program was the first of what Noblesville Parks Recreation Director Susie Davis hopes will be a continuing activity for children at the Forest Park Inn.