Christopher Hitchens & Bill Maher on Religion in US & EU

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I like both guys.


Shitchens became an American (what a laugh) because his history here was so laughable. A very small minority have his ridiculous accent here in Britain. It is synonomous with class privelidge and borish posturing. He is talking down to a man who is doffing his cap. He is an ex cult member of the SWP. Now he supports the worst religio'fascist hegemony that has existed in human history thus far. Yet denounces religion as a career move. He is obviously part of the problem. A mere gasbag who has a mastery of the english language but abuses that 'gift' with self-interested fakery. The problem is that CAPITALISM uses religion to divide people so that they keep working and not asking questions. This ivory tower academic keeps saying he's been all over the world and has seen things with his own eyes Like a religious person saying the same thing. Travel, or meeting idiots is not impressive in itself. 'They say that travel broadens the mind til you cant get your head out of doors'. God's Comics
By themec 5 years ago
Hitchens is abusing his own intelligence. Let's face it - most people don't go to church and through basic socialisation know that religion consists of old parables for illiterate people. What this profiteer is doing is adding fuel to a fire that nobody wanted in the first place. What rational people do when someone loses it, so to speak, is to calm them down, not tell them they are incontrivertably stupid and must be killed because of it. Sells books tho. What a c**t.! This is not the way forward. Do not trust this intellectual trickster. He is part of the problem and merely helps capitalism to subsist and he knows it but decided long ago that he would be just out for himself. How pitiable. How decietful can you get? SPGB member. Cards on table. NO BULLSHIT ACCEPTED but much expected. Look it up.
By themec 5 years ago
hitchens adds poison to the poison. he is an ex member of the english swp an elitist vanguardist party of befuddled students of left wing so-called socialists that were nothing short of a CULT in themselves. Politics is a game to to this chancer. The Socialist Workers Party which stemmed from the internationalist movement fed the right by its inherent stupidity. Ask Hitchens about Tony Cliff and the throne he used to sit on. Ask him about holding guns to the heads of workers who didn't agree with HIS brand of soviet 1920's history. Ask him why his gadfly rhetoric once said that the police in the Grunwick disoute were 'socialist' police. Then ask him to make some sort of sense of his latest stance as an 'American' happy to be sworn in with the history of the wobblies sworn out and NEVER once mentoined by this literary snake oil salesman. Oh and his henchman, Dawkins..well only the first syllable suffices. This is the man who said that we were all inherently selfish because of sheep!
By themec 5 years ago