Future war in Iran

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by General

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Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism, it is killing American troops in Iraq, supplying several terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, it is pursuing nuclear weapons illegally, and for the stated purpose of destroying Israel, while they chant "Death to America!" for the past thirty years. The brave and honorable Persian people must change this Islamic Terrorist regime before it is too late.


hahaha, funny, a US marine supporter having the nerve to say "state sponsor of terror". you are the second in that right after israel.
By Ali 5 years ago
O iam scared bring it on l0oser
we aint dum nice try looser why dont u go fight lol let me go clubbing
By ilovesasa 5 years ago
America is SATAN and the great terrorist in the world. God will curse you. Islam will Triumph Inshallah
By boba 6 years ago
Man! Most of the footage here is from the 8year war. This is overly exaggerated. Even the persians make fun of those drawings. the people chanting are gov employees who were told they must say this or get fired...fuck Mola's/the monks! They're the fuckers that are fucking everything up!
By reza820 6 years ago
We going , all together , USA , FRANCE , NATO , to kick iran ass hard.
By Vortex577 7 years ago