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    Hitler And The Mufti of Jerusalem


    by General

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    as you look at the pic, in instance you know that nazis is giving respect to the leader of Muslim at that time. we are friend with everybody we are peacefully.. you got it all wrong, everything was start with the jew the laknatullah.. inside.. you know you are in the loosing side, believe.. America will fall.. democracy will fall, and Islam will arise in the year 2020. who star the war.. the laknatullah.. Hitler is just another sad story for the laknatullah to get a reason for another massacre hoax.. jew is a master of hoax.. america were totaly control by jew.. hmm. pity for the american.. slave for the jew.. insyaallah you all will know Islam...

    ish kariman au mut shahidan.. be a good muslim or die as syahid... our choice.. We are all TimeBomb..
    By 13swords6 years ago
    inadina devrim!!!
    nasil olabilir?!!!!!!!inanamiyorum!
    By inadina devrim!!!8 years ago