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    5M Passive Income Generator For Group Leaders


    by mbutlerky

    5M Passive Income Generator allows Real Estate Groups and Associations to offer your members Your Group's very own $497 Bonus from your 5M Passive Income Generator. Just like Del Monte cans green beans for Kroger, Safeway, Value Mart and generic labels using the same green beans with a different label, 5M Passive Income Generator uses the same principle for you and your group.

    You get to put your group's private label on this Investor Friendly, Simple, Affordable website for investors. If your members can use Microsoft Word, they will rapidly master using and customizing their very own website... your website from your 5M Passive Income Generator!

    Check it out at

    Developed by Mike Butler's team of internet and computer expert who previously was employed as a computer programmer for Microsoft. Yup, the makers of Microsoft Word.

    Finally, no pie in the sky, this is the cat daddy, all prayers are answered brain dead simple, affordable, website for today's real estate professional! It is simple and it works!