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    Sylvia vs Nogueira - UFC 81 Preview - Fightway


    par Freestyler260399

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    Tim Sylvia needs to fight someone who he thinks is in his "same caliber"...maybe Lesnar? LMFAO Tim talks that he's the best "rounded" fighter in his division? I did NOT see him display any jujuitsu, any muy thai, NO MARTIAL ART of any kind!! Tim Sylvia vs Heath Herring? Tim Sylvia vs Chick Kongo? LMFAO...TIM Saliva or whatever his name is...he should fight Lesnar.
    Par PerroPorGuerraIl y a 8 ans
    ha wtf?! the ufc have already decided they're gonna give the decision to sylvia then. Nog is FAR above Tim and the only way i will take that back is if he gets knocked out or completely drubbed. Its so queer how the UFC are so desperate to make the ex-japanese talent look worse than their wash ups but hype them up simultaneously!
    Par JitteryJoeIl y a 8 ans
    If Sylvia beats Nogueira Ill wear my my wife's underwear and call myself Sandra
    Par tsardadonIl y a 8 ans
    sylvia is not anyway near nogueira level.
    Par gerson1mIl y a 8 ans