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Reisser jean-Michel "Beethoven"
Fantastic Bill Evans !!! And the drummer is the wonderful and great Master Alex Riel. Just listen to what he does with Bill and Eddie. Top of the top !
Charles Alan Ralston
This was pointed out to me just today Saturday 30 April 2006, only 40 years after the actuality, and it is wonderful to see (and hear). I wish someone had had the forethought to have made a film of Bill and Scotty and Paul at the Vanguard five years earlier (in 1961). Who is the drummer here with Bill and Eddie? BTW I listened to Kenny Barron (and Ray Drummond and Ben Riley) last evening when I was in St. Louis, MO at Jazz at the Bistro and the emotional and technical levels were felt. Thanks to whomever filmed Bill's trio in Oslo in 1966.
Par Charles Alan RalstonIl y a 10 ans
i love bill evans so much
Par willyagerIl y a 10 ans
geraldo de oliveira
another gem!!
Par geraldo de oliveiraIl y a 10 ans
Ok... Nobody :)
Par Clément SCHAFFNERIl y a 10 ans
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