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    More than 60 years ago, the fate of the Second World War turned on five Normandy beaches. 'D-Day' was the greatest amphibious invasion ever attempted and is remembered as a great victory. But on Omaha Beach, it was very nearly a disaster.

    History records that within hours, 2,000 men were cut down. But now, new research has found that, in reality, the casualty figures were more than double that.

    The story of D-Day has been re-told in dramas such as Saving Private Ryan. But what really happened on Omaha Beach in June 1944? What was it like for the men who had to fight their way ashore there? And how did they manage to win when so much seemed to go so wrong?

    The re-emergence of an entire German battery, hidden under the Normandy soil for over 60 years; the discovery of a captured German map; and the latest historical research all reveal a startling turning point to the story of 'Bloody Omaha'.