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    Marine girls - Second sight


    par Philzefrench

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    Second Sight

    When I wake at night and he's still here and
    Second sight is something I no longer need
    To know I hope he'll always be

    Every day I find he takes up all my mind and time
    Catching, stealing through my dreams
    Against my will or so it seems

    Makes me cry some nights
    When the things he says I know are right
    Reason only goes to show
    Things I didn't want to know

    Then he smiles once more
    And wonders who I was before
    So much it seems I didn't know
    If can love can scare me so

    For now I feel the change
    My days before appear so strange
    The way I viewed the world outside
    Have left me with so much to hide

    Though we've known before
    So many times of being sure
    I know that love may slip away
    Something I refuse to say

    Smiles and makes me laugh
    Then tears a restless stream in half
    With careful words that know too well
    The face of hopes you should not tell

    Shakes me free from size
    And rushes sadness from my eyes
    Tells me not to live in fear
    Words I hope to never hear

    The must be love in store for a girl who never knew before
    You might say that I'm naive
    Am I wrong to believe?