WCW Superbrawl 1998 Part 7

Evan Hart

by Evan Hart

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Purple Capricorn
How did Luger win when they rand the bell before the rack?
WCW couldn't pull off even a mildly complicated finish. It always turned into a clusterfuck. Even the announcers (most often Tony & Bobby) had trouble calling the action. They had plenty of ring talent, but couldn't produce a match worth a goddamn. To wit: In the NO-DQ Luger-Savage match, the bell rings at 04:16 (why?!), and again at 04:31 (presumably when Savage submits to the Torture Rack).
By doc_d206 years ago
What's the matter Tony and Bobby? You pissed off cause everybody hated your shitty little company and that you actually had ratings and talent when all the former WWE guys came in and took over? You fucking pussies!!
By jfutch17 years ago