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    The Spider!! part 1 of 2

    Life Type

    by Life Type

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    Any update on part 2?
    By Ace80287 years ago
    Life Type
    i fell asleep in the chair while i was making this . woke up 6 hours later and finished it . that was about a year ago . Going to finish part 2 when i get the time .
    By Life Type8 years ago
    Can't wait for part 2! Amazing!
    By orionnordik8 years ago
    Love all your highlights, when is part 2 comin??
    By NateRod8 years ago
    Great hl, very much looking forward to part 2. Just an idea here, I've always thought that some dialogue from the first Spiderman movie would go nicely in a Silva hl. The lines from the lab tech about spider strength, agility and, of course, the "spider sense" could all fit when talking about Anderson Silva. No matter what, take your time on part 2 and keep up the good work.
    By smurfenstein798 years ago
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