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    --- Ometeotl Set ----- Mushroomizazion ------
    -+> Show @ Opus Café, Paris, First October 07, Zbell Monday Evening.
    --> Live Sound transe/chillout/indi drum & bass by Cosmotronik Project (DJ Spy + Ultimaya) from kozak kompany.
    --> Live VJing by NoViMan (Manu Larsen, Viktor Furiani -aka Silicat Seedicat-).
    --> Original Videos by Dj Spy, Ultimaya, Manu Larsen, Nataraj, Silicat Seedicat.

    -)> Complet Duration of ometeotl Set : 1 hour.
    -[> Minimal configuration : 2 musician and 1 VJ.
    We are autonomous in video, sound is generated and mixed with computers.

    -|> Ometeotl is the name of the dual god Ometecutli/Omecihuatl in Aztec mythology, the giver of life.
    The Ometeotl Set is created with material collected all around the world in ours travels (India, Mexico, Eastern and Western Europe...). It grow continuesly with news materials.

    -+>Our websites:

    -x>Thanks to urban Rescue ( for organisation and invitation, Opus Café for hospitality.