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    von UdoZak

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    Elbin Kleidermacher's Atelier & Werkstatt!

    All made (modelling, texturing and shading and of course the idea it self!) by UdoZ. For an exhibition and party in those same rooms (from E. Kleidermacher best dressmaker
    in town and a good friend)!
    It was beamed at the 07-20-2007 on a courthouse visa vie, until early in the morning.
    The rendering time was over 85 hours, the project it self I needed a bit over
    602 hours in exactly six weeks!

    Unfortunately the time was so short for this project, I had to force it and couldn't finish everything.
    But anyway every body liked it
    and I hope, you do too!!!;)

    The data content was:
    Memory ca. 57445 KBytes
    Objects 789 (1972)
    Points 696896 (1205535)
    Polygons 682641 (1140262)