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    Spirituality: Who is an Atheist? Atheism?

    Dr. Acharya Yogeesh

    by Dr. Acharya Yogeesh



    Religion is the lowest level of education we all receive from our social context. Some remain at this basic functional level of knowledge, beliefs, hopes, fears and shames. Some others get to acquire much more academic education and likely become atheists first, and spiritual later when they acquire greater wisdom. That is it!
    By StuffemLast year
    With all my respect. We do not think that God is not punishing or rewarding any behaviour, because we just don't believe in God. I do not feel lost. I have my values, my way of thinking and I respect many values and ways of thinking from many religions which connect to different parts of my personnality, I just think the world is way too complicated to be embraced in a book, or in one religous phylosophy.
    By stevenaudet8 years ago