Marion Cotillard Momes de La Cloche English subtitles

Thelma Thelma Blitz
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The La Vie en Rose shortened movie version with Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf, dubbed with the singing voice of Jil Aigrot. Vagrants used to inhabit the bell towers of churches so "Clochards" became the name for them. "Les Momes de la Cloche" would translate literally as ' the kids of the bell tower" but we know them as homeless runaways or abandoned teenagers turned to prostitution for their bread-- a world young Edith Piaf knew well and started her career with this song about them, credited to V-Scotto/ Decaye, 1915. Translation with the aid of liner notes to Phillips LP But Not Forgotten by Didier Delaunoy


^^ Hu!Merci d avoir mis cette video,
By rmigia 4 years ago
hmmm ;) Merci . j'ai trouvé un site pour voir des femmes en directe devant leurs Webcam : , même pas besoin de s'enregistrer! ^^ .
By Nicole Serez 4 years ago
c'est JIL AIGROT qui chante
By poissonchat11 4 years ago
Il fallait savoir choisir cette scène au milieu du film : bravo, superbe choix. Et, belle traduction.
By Philippe 5 years ago
hello! this song is so much and i love edith piaf!! ****
By frysoti 6 years ago
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