UK Patient's Testimonial, Bilateral Knee Surgery, India


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visit: - Ms.Parker from United Kingdom talks about her excellent experience after a complex Bilateral ( Both) Knee Joint Replacement Surgery at Wockhardt Hospital,Bangalore. The new age innovation RP-F (High Flexion Rotating Platform Knee System), however accommodates complex knee kinematics in deep flexion up to 155 degrees with reduced wear. This facilitates the patient to squat, cross --leg and if required sit on the floor. In this system, Rotational freedom is achieved in deep flexion. Conforming cam and post functions as a third weight bearing condyle to increase contact area and reduce contact stress in deep flexion.The self aligning system facilitates central patellar tracking.

Very effective and long lasting relief from joint pain. It also gives a joint which functions normally. The recovery period from the operation is very short and the patient is able to walk from the second or the third day after the operation. Walking support that is needed can often be discarded by around a month's time. The patient regain a normal lifestyle and mobility with significant improvement in quality of life. Full integration CAS (Computer Assisted Surgery ) system provides reliable MI TKR procedures .

Amongst the few hospitals in Asia equipped with most advanced Computer navigation and Minimal Access Surgery facilities to perform complex Knee, Hip and Shoulder joint replacement and Resurfacing Surgeries. Wockhardt Hospitals has a vastly experienced team of Orthopedic Surgeons and Rehabilitation Physiotherapy specialists and backed by the most comprehensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities. Wockhardt Hospitals in Bangalore India is now the first choice for non insured self paying US patients. Few hospitals even in US can match the Orthopedic, Cardiac, Neuro and Minimal Access surgical services at this Indian hospital that has latest in diagnostic equipment such as 1.5 Tesla MRI and 64-Slice CT Scan, EEG, ENMG, Video-monitoring