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NEW NBC Knight Rider Teaser!!!;)

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I saw the openning of this movie premiere. I'm glad KITT's back. I know thye couldn't bring back the Trams Am. But the new mustang muscle car look real kick-ass. Ya gotta keep the faith, ya know? In 2010 or even sooner, the pontaic company will bring back the muscle car, with a bit of a throw-back look(hopefully, with a simular 80's look like the one from the original show). I'll support this show all the way. I just hope the car will have that turbo boost button. I want to see that car jump! Able to reach the speed of 300 MPH or faster, since it's an up-grade and most of the other stuff KITT it capable of doing. To me, it's like a second chance to support a tv show thats been canceled for year. I've been waiting for something like this too happen. But I'm still waiting for the up-coming episodes. What the hell is taking so long for those episodes?
By Anthony Pilone 6 years ago