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    Close your eyes


    door niets


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    nice very nice.
    Door nanimatrix10 jaren geleden
    i have to think the festival i dont no where i find time to organize somthing like tihs. I just started whit presentations for other big company's. if my bussines is going wel (that's what it looks like) I have to make 15 - 20 bussiness presentations a month. ;) . i think i have my hands full. So i can't organize somthing like that. It looks like a lott of fun to be there. but preparations i can not do. i am sorry. i would like to be a moderater.
    best regard Mirella
    Door niets10 jaren geleden
    Yes i like to do it i saw it yesterday. Wat do you want me to do?
    Door niets10 jaren geleden
    Hello Mirella,

    We thank you for the message you left regarding our videos, and happy that you join our group. I obviously must to send you back compliments. Your creations are so fresh and sweet. We really appreciate "close your eyes"...lot of sensuality.

    See U soon
    Door CYRTHA+SANRIL10 jaren geleden
    for which connection? ive seen your website there are a few of better videos,
    I am now in the same group (because the group is named Art Clip),
    I am inselspeer, best regards (sorry for my dirty english)
    Door insel10 jaren geleden
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