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    CNC Basics E-Course 6 | CNC Machining | Learn CNC ...

    Ivan Irons

    by Ivan Irons

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    On Day 6 we learn about CNC Machining. This is where the rubber hits the road. Before this, we did virtually everything on the computer. Now we move into the real world. Machining is about removing material from a piece of stock until we finalize our parts.
    One thing we learn is that manual machining and cnc machining have similar issues. There is coolant, chips dust and dirt no matter if you are operating the machine or the computer is operating the machine.
    CNC Machining safety is important during this step. We need to wear safety glasses, protective equipment and appropriate shoes.
    There are many different types of CNC Machines and types of machining. There are cnc routers, cnc lathes, cnc mills, cnc plasma cutters and on an on. Each of these types of machines operates in different ways and you must learn their differences to be effective.

    Tomorrow we go over various CNC Produced Parts and Projects. We look at the outcome of all out work and some of the possibilities.