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    F1 Rewind (Pilot)

    Christine Blachford

    by Christine Blachford

    It’s a new year, so a good time to pilot our latest video idea. It’s a concept for a show that we’ve been kicking around for a while now, and finally decided the time was right to pull it all together. A weird decision, given it’s all about Formula 1 news and there’s very little around at the moment.

    Anyway, as a pilot, the emphasis is on you guys to let us know what you think, and whether it’s worth the bandwidth it consumes. Also as a pilot, it is obviously new and may face tweaks at any moment - like the fact that I called it a weekly show, which may have been a little bit hasty.

    Either way, the important thing for now is to watch, soak up the F1 vibe and share your opinion.