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APE SH!T is the story of Albert, the bastard monkey hell raiser and tormentor of humans.

Back in the day Albert was celebrated as the original monkeynaut. That’s right, Albert was the first monkey shot into space. He was the sh!t. After getting totally high on space, Albert was robbed of his celebrity and thrown into experimental laboratory enslavement. He was the monkey in every single high profile lab test ever done. Look it up if you don’t believe me. LSD experiments? That was Albert. Cigarettes? Albert. Cocaine, Olean™, RU486? Albert. He was a regular rock star of the science community.

But now Albert’s busted out and living life on the lam! He’s in hot pursuit of his master plan of fame, danger, cheap thrills and revenge! He’s a regular one monkey riot.

This clip is the “intro” for future APE SH!T episodes. It more-or-less sums up Albert’s back story set to a catchy tune.

Watch the prototype episode, “Wa-Hoo” and peruse loads of info on the project, including episodes-in-the-works at www.ApeShitCartoon.com


We have a brand new APESH!T episode going LIVE on March 7th. The new episode is called "Buter Face" and we'll throw it up here on Friday! You can also see it (and other APESH!T videos) and get yourself all SH!Tty at www.ApeShitCartoon.com (ApeShitCartoon_dot_com)
By APE SH!T Cartoon 7 years ago
see the APE SH!T episode "Wa-Hoo" at ApeShitCartoon {dot} com
By APE SH!T Cartoon 7 years ago