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"A people living under the perpetual menace of war and invasion is very easy to govern. It demands no social reforms. It does not haggle over expenditures for armaments and military equipment. It pays without discussion, it ruins itself, and that is an excellent thing for the syndicates of financiers and manufacturers for whom patriotic terrors are an abundant source of gain" - Anatole France

A democratic civilization will save itself only if it makes the language of the image into a stimulus for critical reflection — not an invitation for hypnosis." - Umberto Eco


Dear Patty ;)

I envy your optimism about any power The People is still suppose to have. Face to an unbelievable record of deceit, destruction, hypocrisy, incompetence, treason and greed. This tragic tale of debt, lost wars, stolen elections, environmental crises, Constitution shredding, national shame and diminished security still seems to be forging straight ahead…

For 2008, I wish more of us would be able to think outside the 13 years old and 100 IQ narrative big media is endlessly pumping for the functional analphabet crowd that constitute the majority of… We The People !

Hey, optimism is "de rigueur" for the new year !


"We are watching a poorly staged rendition of " Wag the Dog" , interpreted for the morbidly stupid and performed by the criminally insane." - Jules Carlysle

But do have agreat one one anyway, hey ;)
By White Noise 7 years ago
People Have the Power...
By Guy ROWART 7 years ago