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    Slipknot Purity (Disasterpieces DVD)

    Patrick Bateman

    par Patrick Bateman

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    Purity by Slipknot

    Maze...psychopathic daze...I create this waste
    Back away from tangents, on the verge of drastic
    ways...can't escape this place...I deny your face
    Sweat gets in my eyes, I think I'm slowly dying

    Put me in a homemade cellar
    Put me in a hole for shelter
    Someone hear me please, all I see is hate
    I can hardly breathe, and I can hardly take it


    Lost...ran at my own cost...hearing laughter, scoffed
    Learning from the rush, detached from such and such
    Bleak...all around me, weak...listening, incomplete
    I am not a dog, but I'm the one your dogging

    I am in a buried kennel
    I have never felt so final
    Someone find me please, losing all reserve
    I am fucking gone, I think I'm fucking dying

    You all stare, but you'll never see
    There is something inside me
    There is something in you I despise

    Cut me - show me - enter - I am
    willing and able and never any danger to myself
    Knowledge in my pain, knowledge in my pain
    Or was my tolerance a phase?
    Empathy, out of my way
    I can't die