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    Ground Control Magazine Presents: Saviours

    Ground Control

    by Ground Control


    For our seventh Lunarcast, we caught with up the latest addition to the Kemado family, Saviours. Hailing from Oakland, CA, their brand of metal is as precise as it is raw. There is this perfect balance of the gut-wrenching brutality, reminiscent of Kill 'Em All, Ginsu guitar work that would make the nimblest fingers black with envy, and a punk ethic that shoves convention aside and allows the band to write music their way.

    We caught up with them in Los Angeles two times. Once at a last-minute show in Eagle Rock where the power failed more times than George Bush in college, and a second time at "Evil" Joe Barresi's studio, Bay 7, where they he was mixing Saviours' sophomore album, Into Abaddon, due out early 2008. The band—Scott Batiste (drums), Cyrus Comiskey (bass), Tyler Morris (guitar), Austin Barber (guitar/vocals)—discussed everything from signing to Kemado, their songwriting process, working with the "tone master" Joe Barresi and everything in between. (more)