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    Ground Control Magazine Presents: David Wingo of Ola Podrida

    Ground Control

    by Ground Control


    The third installment of Lunarcast features David Wingo, the lead-vocalist and songwriter for the Brooklyn-based band, Ola Podrida. Wingo has been back and forth from Austin to Brooklyn—as well as a few months in San Francisco—before settling down to write the self-titled album out now on Plug Research.

    The music's cinematic, storytelling feel stems from a long history of scoring films with childhood friend David Gordon Green (George Washington, All the Real Girls). But for Ola Podrida, this is an album that generates enough aural and emotional inspiration from the music and lyrics, pictures are not necessary to tell the story. Wingo sat down with Ground Control to discuss making the record, the difference between writing a record and scoring a film and how the band formed. He even played a solo performance of perhaps the most heartfelt and beautiful song on the record, "Jordana."