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Duncan and Williams were former classmates at Fremont High School in Los Angeles, California,[citation needed] and Williams had since become a member of The Hollywood Flames. In late 1953, they decided to form a new vocal group, and added Tisby and Tate. Williams brought with him a song, "Earth Angel", which he was working on with Gaynel Hodge, another member of the Hollywood Flames.

The Penguins were one of a number of doo-wop groups of the period named after birds (such as The Orioles, The Flamingos, and The Crows).

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C est vrai Kratos ! ca resteras indémodable ! ;-)
Par Fabrizio Il y a 5 ans
C'est sùr que sa restera toujours une musique culte, c'était l'époque de la bonne musique pour les Etats-Unis
Par kratosdu24 Il y a 5 ans
:) :) :) : -( :) :) :)
Par LOBOMAO Okalypso Il y a 5 ans
Par LOBOMAO Okalypso Il y a 5 ans
j'adore, ils ont rien perdu de leur performance vocales
Par Stephane Gazel Il y a 7 ans
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