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    I Hope You Dance


    by Shadu

    I had iTunes on shuffle, and it landed on this song, and then I thought "I can see Mia telling Phoenix this" and it evolved.

    This is actually more like "I Hope You Dance Version 2", but oh well. I like the first one better, but I'm afraid to upload it here since I was chock full of fanart. I won't go into my feelings about it, but I wasn't sure I would get to upload this in my actual gallery. It was a struggle, but I managed to find enough non-fanart pictures to complete it. It took about all I had though.

    Pictures courtesy of Court

    By the way, I support a Phoenix/Maya or Phoenix/Mia (or maybe both) pairing. No yaoi pairings. So, if you "see" anything that makes it look like I support that, you're wrong.