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    please name song intro
    Par negbezzIl y a 6 ans
    Many conspire against me, only because they fear the making of a new prodigy within the latino community. I am a King. My brothers and sisters have bled the path i follow now it is my turn to stand for what i believe in. I am a King. I live my life rightous and not only do i follow the manifesto i proceed with love, honesty, unity, respect, and knowledge.When it is my time i will be embraced by my forefathers and share eternal life with fallen family members in the Almighty Kingdom.Through the spread of awareness and knowledge only then can we obtain our long term goals.Respect our Queens for they are our life line, our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters. The only way to truly demolish our enemies is to break bread and make peace. Speaking as a Brother, a father i bless my comrades keep your Krowns up and keep the message alive! Amor De Rey!!!! King love or no love.

    -King Rick
    Right over left!!! 1-4-18
    Par beenhotIl y a 8 ans