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TFS (Team Four Star): Chicken and Waffles (They took Gohan)

2 yıl önce10 views

All credit goes to Team Four Star. Taken from Dead Zone Abridged.\r
Chi Chi I heard lunch. What happened? Goku, they took.OUR LUNCH? No they took our.oh hey your dads here. Hi Ox King. Focus! They took Gohan!\r
Ah man I cant have him miss lunch. Its the fourth most important meal of the day. Right after brunch. But right before linner. Love me some linner though. Imma go get Gohan back. Well be back in time for linner.\r
Chicken and Waffles? Chicken and Waffles. Oh and some for your dad.

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TFS (Team Four Star): Chicken and Waffles (They took Gohan)
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