WWE Royal Rumble 2008

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Merci pour la video ... ;) .......
By eshasweety 5 years ago
Why are you wasting your talent on dailymotion? btw check out my pics!! :))
By tricky-trish 5 years ago
I subscribed, can't wait for the next one. chat with me! !!..!.!
By lima kali 5 years ago
i loveeeeeeeeee john cenaaaaaaaaaaaa if u hate him good for u but i like him nobody is the king of wrestling here so shut up dont think that ur the king so u rule and u say like triple h rox and cena sux. cena is the best of allllllllllllllllll do u know he picked up a guy weighting in 420 pounds that was the great khaile if u dont trust me go to youtube and write john cena vs the great khile but i like them i mean the great khile ,cena and undertaker they all ruleeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
By kingrahul84 6 years ago
By harolddroste123 7 years ago
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