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    Canada's Worst Neighborhood...Northcentral


    by Anish1


    Anish1, a conscious emcee, originates from the rap group Anishnabe (founding members include Anish1, Wake MC, Hanabal, and Darian one); moreover, the group is based in Regina, Saskatchewan- Northcentral for the last 22 years. In the early part of 2007, Macleans magazine named Northcentral as the "Worst Neighborhood in Canada." During this time, Anish1 has been breaking, making music, doing graffiti, DJing, writing articles, doing workshops, and dropping videos. Whether recording or making hiphop videos, Anish1 continues to engage social issues. Although written about numerous times in the media, Anish1 has done many videos for cable networks and CBC. Presently, Anish1 is busy working in the studio on Str8dogsoldierz- for 2008. While now concentrating on recording, Anish1 will only be doing live shows this spring. Although tracks will be released on community radio late January (91.3 Cjtr's "Queen City's Urban Mentality), tracks can be purchased and downloaded at Soundclick. Futhermore, you can catch videos posted on YouTube, Megavideo, Myspace, Veoh, Guba, Daily Motion, and Sound Click- look for the new video "When Justise is Slow...Terrible Things Happen" in January. Recently, the University of Regina's Third Degree magazine published an article titled Eekwol Opportunity-fall 2007 issue. The article discusses popular emcee Eekwol and others involved in Native Hiphop; furthermore, Anish1 was interviewed in the article. While known to rap with the Anishnabe Posse, the group only uses this handle to distinguish itself from other groups named the same. However, Anish1 remains true his indie roots and firmly believes in DIY. Eventually, though, Anish1 will be performing at hiphop events in the community and on nearby firstnations- stay tuned!